Ahlstrom Sterilization Green Crepe Wrapping Paper

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Brand : Ahlstrom

Description : Sterilization Green Crepe Wrapping Paper

AHL-100012 250x250 mm

AHL-100011 375x375 mm

AHL-100010 400x400 mm

AHL-100001 500x500 mm

AHL-100002 600x600 mm

AHL-100003 750x750 mm

AHL-100004 900x900 mm

AHL-100005 1000x1000 mm

AHL-100006 1200x1200 mm

AHL-100007 1200x1400 mm

AHL-100008 1200x1600 mm


Indent Item

Brand : Ahlstrom

Description : Sterilization Green Crepe Wrapping Paper

AHL-100013 300x300 mm

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