MICRO Sterilization Pouch - Heat Seal Flat Pouch (View Pack)

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MICRO Sterilization View Pack Flat Pouch, Heat Seal

MCR-131259   75x150 mm

MCR-131241   75x200 mm

MCR-131242   75x250 mm

MCR-131243   75x300 mm

MCR-131244   100x150 mm

MCR-131245   100x200 mm

MCR-131246   100x250 mm

MCR-131247   100x300 mm

MCR-131248   100x350 mm

MCR-131258   110x380 mm

MCR-131249   150x200 mm

MCR-131251   150x300 mm

MCR-131253   150x400 mm

MCR-131260   200x300 mm

MCR-131254   200x400 mm

MCR-131257   205x270 mm

MCR-131256   250x500 mm

MCR-131261   300x500 mm


Other sizes available upon request.

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